MASO Components

Delaware State Society of Orthodontists 

Dr. Mark Fiss, President

District of Columbia Society of Orthodontists

Dr. Jean Edouard Asmar, Interim President

Maryland State Society of Orthodontists 

Dr. Scott Jenkins, President

New Jersey Association of Orthodontists 

Dr. Barry Raphael, President 

Pennsylvania Association of Orthodontists 

Dr. Anne O’Day, President

Puerto Rico Society of Orthodontists 

Dr. Jose Vicens, President

Mission Statement

The Middle Atlantic Society of Orthodontists shall:

  1. Promote the ethical delivery of quality orthodontic care by providing its members with educational opportunities and information regarding advances in orthodontic treatment and technology.
  2. Be an advocate for, and a representative of, all constituent members of the AAO for the purpose of making regional decisions regarding policy, budget, member services, public information and communication.