Message from the MASO President


It is with pleasure that I am writing on behalf of the MASO Board to describe our direction for 2017-2018.  At the heart of MASO’s mission are two goals: 1) providing its members with educational opportunities, and 2) serving our membership as our specialty goes through a period of continuous change.  In keeping with these objectives, MASO will not only continue to financially support the presence of our residents at our Spring and Annual Sessions but will focus on developing strategies to enhance learning opportunities for all of our members.  The value of MASO’s CE events was recently expressed in a testimonial from Dr. Vanessa Morenzi, chair at Albert Einstein Medical Center:

“I continue to find the MASO meeting is one of the highlights of my year. Not only is everyone so friendly, the meetings so informative and the venues just spectacular; I also find that it is the only time that I have the opportunity to meet, socialize, and discuss issues with my peers in a smaller and more intimate setting.  It helps me immensely in connecting with others at the meetings as well as throughout the year.”

Please consider a similar experience by joining us in Philadelphia on March 16th to hear Dr. Chun-Hsi Chung on the latest research with the treatment of the transverse dimension, followed by a rising star at McGill/Hill consultants, Mr. Brad Kucharo whose presentation will focus on tax and financial strategies to create wealth.  Our Annual Session in Toronto, Canada’s premier destination, on September 13-16, 2018 will feature Dr. Bill Arnett, considered one of the world’s most accomplished oral surgeons, Dr. Domingo Martin on multidisciplinary care, and a great staff program featuring a Fred Pryor seminar titled “Dealing with Difficult Patients and Healthcare Personnel”.

On a different note, the MASO leadership is working tirelessly on behalf of our specialty.  Our Trustee, Dr. Steve Siegel, and Temple’s Chair, Dr. Jeff Godel, have been tasked with the first revision in 30 years of accreditation standards for our residency programs.  The MASO Board will liaison with component presidents to implement the Consumer Awareness Program match.  MASO representatives have been instrumental in developing a robust political advocacy program in Washington, D.C., resulting in tangible outcomes protecting and enhancing our profession.  Going forward, component societies will be helped to develop political advocacy at the state level.

            Thank you for your continued support of MASO and please… STAY INVOLVED! 



Dr. Normand Boucher, President