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Dear Friends,

The death of George Floyd and the subsequent protests have given us so much to reflect upon. At the very core of this conversation is the respect for human life and dignity.

MASO, like many other AAO Constituents, shares a diverse membership. When we consider not only ourselves, but our educators, residents, our staff and the patients we are privileged to treat, it is a wonderful and beautiful collective. MASO leadership, in my humble opinion, reflects that diversity and continues to strive for even more. It has been a part of our Board discussions, advocated for in our Journal and continues to evolve in our current strategic planning process.

The MASO Board stands against injustice. We stand shoulder to shoulder with those that support social justice and non-violence. We are concerned for the health and well- being of our members and their families.

Certainly these can be difficult conversations as we try to sort through our own feelings and beliefs. We need to find the courage to face reality, the commitment to listen to and understand others and the perseverance to see it through, for it is a long road ahead of us. Orthodontists are leaders and pillars of their communities – doctors that give so much back to the ones we treat and the ones we may never meet. I am so proud to be a part of such a highly respected group.  As a community of healthcare professionals, let us work together to build a brighter, more inclusive and safer environment for all.


Ty Saini, DDS

MASO President

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