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Annual Session 2022

Join MASO and NESO in Philadelphia

MASO President, Dr. Maddy Goodman, is ready for Philadelphia!

She recently checked out the city to prepare for the this year’s Annual Session. Watch the video below in which she shares a special message and some highlights of the Marriott Hotel and nearby popular attractions!


I am so excited and honored to be serving as the president of the Middle Atlantic Society of Orthodontists this year. MASO is an association with nearly 900 orthodontists from 4 states (DE, MD, NJ & PA), a federal district (DC) and 2 protectorates (PR & USVI). As a constituency, we will be addressing a number of important issues in the coming year. We are all re-thinking the future of meetings, both in terms of relevant content but also increasing accessibility via digital platforms while maintaining safe in-person options. Looming large is the prospect of the reorganization and combination of constituencies. Foremost in my mind too is the need for more diversity and exploring sustainability. My challenge to you as members is to contribute to changes in any or all of these areas. You can feel free to contact me directly at any time with questions, comments or ideas.

I’d like to recognize our amazing Board of Directors, especially the Immediate Past President, Dr. Francis Picon, for his leadership during a difficult year. Also I’d like to thank our Executive Director, Ms. Jane Treiber, for keeping everything in harmony.

We hope to see you all either in-person or virtually at our Spring CE event on March 11th in Princeton, NJ. And get psyched for our joint Annual Session with NESO in Philadelphia on September 23rd-24th. We will have lots of exciting and fresh learning opportunities for both doctors and staff.

Here’s to a challenging yet enjoyable year ahead. I look forward to connecting with all of you. Thank you again for your support!

Dr. Madeleine Goodman

2021-22 MASO President

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