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MASO’s 2022 Spring CE

Princeton, New Jersey 

March 11, 2022

Online Registration will Open December 1st.


It is with pride and gratitude that I begin my designation as the President of MASO, an association with nearly 900 orthodontists from 4 states (DE, MD, NJ & PA), a federal district (DC) and 2 protectorates (PR & USVI).  However, this term starts against a backdrop of unprecedented and troubling events that affect us all. First and foremost, we are living during the historic COVID-19 pandemic that has entangled our personal and professional lives.  At the same time, massive worldwide protests demanding racial justice and social change have been ignited.  It is true that many challenges await us, but this is an opportunity to transcend.

My most sincere recognition to our Board of Directors, especially to Immediate Past President Dr. Ty Saini for his wise asserted leadership, and to our Executive Director Ms. Jane Treiber and staff for keeping everything in unison.

Stay tuned for our “New” On-Demand Educational Webinars available October 23 through the end of June 2021; and, last but not least, everyone get ready for your next getaway destiny…  The Shining Star of the Caribbean2021 Annual Session Rio Mar, Puerto Rico from November 4 – 7!

Dr. Francis Picón

2020-21 MASO President

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