The William S. Kress Research Award

The Williams S.  Kress Research Award is awarded to the most outstanding Research Thesis by a graduate resident within MASO’s geographical area.  The Award will be presented at the MASO Annual Session. The recipient will receive a check for $1000 and an Award plaque.

Award Recipients

2022 – Dr. Leanne Lin (pictured)

2021 – Dr. Nishat Shahabuddin
2020 – Dr. Cassie Truong
2019 – Dr. Samaneh Mojarrad
2018 – Dr. Bhaven Sayania
2017 – Dr. Sara Kasten
2016 – Dr. Brian Zebrick
2015 – Dr. Bryan F. Foley
2014 – Dr. Martin James Braud
2013 – Dr. Alicia Stoutland
2012 – Dr. Bruce Tasios
2011 – Not Awarded
2010 – Dr. Shalin R. Shah
2009 – Dr. Sennay Stefanos
2008 – Dr. Jason Shoe
2007 – Dr. Thomas Hao
2006 – Dr. John Bailey

Mission Statement

The Middle Atlantic Society of Orthodontists shall:

“As a constituent of the American Association of Orthodontists, promote ethical and quality orthodontic care while advocating and providing a voice for our members, components and educational institutions.”