Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is given to a MASO member who, in the opinion of the MASO Board of Directors has made significant contributions to his or her community of patients, has served with distinction as a member of the American Association of Orthodontists at the national, constituent and/or component level, has personally contributed to the betterment of the specialty of orthodontics, has taught in a graduate or undergraduate orthodontic program during his or her professional career and/or has been associated with orthodontic research or has been an orthodontic staff member or consultant on a hospital staff.

Richard Albright Jr.

Award Recipients
2023 – Dr. Richard Albright, Jr. (pictured)

2022 - Not awarded
2021 - Dr. Mario Polo
2020 – Not awarded
2019 – Dr. Robert Williams*
2017 – Dr. Robert James Bray
2016 – Dr. Larry Harte
2015- Dr. Robert Lee Vanarsdall, Jr.*
2014 – Not Awarded
2013 – Dr. Charles Tjersland
2012 – Dr. David Paolini
2011 – Not Awarded
2010 – Dr. Frank W. Krause*
2009 – Dr. Frederick Preis
2008 – Not Awarded
2007 – Dr. Ashur Chavoor
2006 – Dr. David M. Solomon
2005 – Dr. Ronald B. Gross
2004 – Dr. Jamie DeJesus Sr.*

* deceased

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