MASO Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is given to a MASO member who, in the opinion of the MASO Board of Directors has made significant contributions to his or her community of patients, has served with distinction as amember of the American Association of Orthodontists at the national, constituent and/or component level, has personally contributed to the betterment of the specialty of orthodontics, has taughtin a graduate or undergraduate orthodontic program during his or her professional career and/or has been associated with orthodontic research or has been an orthodontic staff member orconsultant on a hospital staff.

Award Recipients

2019 – Dr. Robert Williams* (pictured)
2017 – Dr. Robert James Bray
2016 – Dr. Larry Hart
2015- Dr. Robert Lee Vanarsdall, Jr.
2014 – Not Awarded
2013 – Dr. Charles Tjersland
2012 – Dr. David Paolini
2011 – Not Awarded
2010 – Dr. Frank W. Krause
2009 – Dr. Frederick Preis
2008 – Not Awarded
2007 – Dr. Ashur Chavoor
2006 – Dr. David M. Solomon
2005 – Dr. Ronald B. Gross
2004 – Dr. Jamie DeJesus Sr.*

* deceased


Mission Statement

The Middle Atlantic Society of Orthodontists shall:

  1. Promote the ethical delivery of quality orthodontic care by providing its members with educational opportunities and information regarding advances in orthodontic treatment and technology.
  2. Be an advocate for, and a representative of, all constituent members of the AAO for the purpose of making regional decisions regarding policy, budget, member services, public information and communication.