AAO: Merchant Cost Consulting (MCC)

Summer Profit Boost: Slash Orthodontic Practice's Merchant Fees


As summer approaches, orthodontic practices gear up for their busiest season. Amidst the hustle and bustle, maximizing every opportunity for profit is crucial. One often overlooked avenue is reducing merchant card fees. When minimized, these fees can substantially impact any practice's bottom line.

Thankfully, there's a solution tailored to orthodontic practices: Merchant Cost Consulting (MCC). As an AAO-endorsed partner, MCC stands out for its commitment to excellence and exclusive benefits for AAO members. This endorsement is a testament to MCC's reputation for providing top-notch service and delivering results.

MCC specializes in renegotiating and monitoring credit card processing fees, all without the hassle of switching providers. Their expertise ensures that orthodontic practices can enjoy significant savings without sacrificing service quality or convenience.

Through the partnership with AAO, members receive additional perks. MCC operates on a performance-based model, meaning there's no cost if they can't find savings for you. However, if they uncover savings, you retain a generous 55% share – 5% more than the industry standard.

As orthodontic practices prepare for the summer rush, now is the ideal time to reassess your card fees. By partnering with MCC, you can unlock savings that directly contribute to your practice's success. Contact Patrick MacLellan at Merchant Cost Consulting and start saving today.

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