AAO and Perfect401(k)

AAO Endorses Perfect401(k) for Streamlined Retirement Solutions for Orthodontists

The AAO is proud to announce its endorsement of Perfect401(k)®, a leading provider of customized retirement solutions tailored to the specific needs of orthodontics practices. This endorsement recognizes Perfect401(k)®'s commitment to offering orthodontists a hassle-free, cost-effective way to establish and manage retirement plans for their employees.

Perfect401(k)® stands out in the crowded retirement plan market by prioritizing low fees, flexible plan options, and exceptional support for both employers and employees. This aligns perfectly with the AAO's mission to provide its members with valuable, vetted resources. The endorsement signifies that Perfect401(k)® has passed a rigorous evaluation by the AAO Business Development Task Force, ensuring their services meet the highest standards expected by AAO members.

This endorsement translates to exclusive benefits for AAO members, including discounted rates and personalized service from Perfect401(k)®. This collaboration reflects the shared commitment of both organizations to the professional and financial well-being of orthodontists and their staff nationwide.

By choosing Perfect401(k)®, AAO members can gain peace of mind knowing they are providing their employees with a valuable retirement benefit while also saving money and simplifying plan administration. This endorsement is a testament to the AAO's commitment to supporting the professional and financial success of its members.

Take the next step towards a secure retirement for your practice and employees. Contact Perfect401(k)® today to learn more about their exclusive AAO member benefits.

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